Semalt Expert: 5 Vital Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

Digital advertisers often encounter fixed innovations and changes in the digital environment. The rate of change is often relentless and at times brutal. Business history depicts that adoption and evolution are the only ways to survive in the frequently changing environment.

In 2016, digital drifts went ahead to redesign the environment of marketing. The rising trends of mobile domination have attained a level, which will be detrimental to desktop traffic. Sites such as Pinterest and Snapchat are growing and continuously attracting users. The current developments have depicted on what digital consumers anticipate.

With an experience of working with different small and medium sized businesses, we have gone through various changes over the years-expecting new issues and optimizing on new opportunities, Lose or Adapt: in our case, this saying is proved to be true. As such, at all times we focus on the horizon to try and foresee what lies in the future.

On the onset of the third quarter of 2017, the leading expert from Semalt, Nik Chaykovskiy, has summed up a list of trends that are the core of the digital marketing to help advertisers optimize from these new developments.

1. Mobile Is Informing Current Consumerism

The use of mobile phones has increased rampantly with a survey by Pew Research Center depicting that 77 percent of US citizen owned a smartphone. This year statistics will show that smartphones are the most valued customer's most preferred shopping partner.

A smartphone can now check product reviews, recommend products, and makes purchases with the aid of a browser. The rate at which these devices are being integrated into our daily lives is making them part of our culture.

2. Live Video Streaming Is Gaining Traction Continuously

In 2015, Meerkat, a live streaming app was launched and was being a novelty. One year later, the hugest social media sites shifted from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Live streaming provides brands and marketers a competing edge over other platforms since it enriches the customer experience. A well designed live chat enables a brand to nurtures transparency and also enables interaction that has never been offered before.

3. Big Data Empowers Personalization

Big data has been a key in boosting customized user experience. Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix are examples of big companies that optimize on big data with an objective of providing users with a high degree of personalization. An increase in data enables a brand to make better prediction and targets resulting in increased number of users.

4. Marketing Automation Is More Present

Most of the marketers consider marketing automation as a critical element of success. The automation is currently being used to streamline aspects of content marketing.

5. Immersive Advertising Boosts Content Marketing

Content marketing has formed a base for bad and good content. The huge volume of existing data has forced innovators to strategize on better ways to engage their audience and design strategies to engage users in varied experiences.

Final Thoughts

The most prosperous ventures, large or small are forced to evolve and innovate new strategies of ensuring sustainability. Focusing on the trends mentioned above and integrating them is a great step towards unlocking various marketing opportunities.